The Mighty Mustang

June 6, 2012
By Anonymous

Las Vegas is situated in Neva, North America. People come to gamble, to party, but few notices a cruel disaster is in process! Thousands of wild horses used to run free on the dry desert plains, but now they’ve been forced into our unforgiving world. Many are captured, some are slaughtered, and hundreds are trapped in the canyons or plains of the desert without food or water! Yet while they are starving and dying, we sit at a poker table and waste our life savings!
Mustangs are magnificent, tough, brave beings; they are part of our history! They cannot survive on their own! You are part of human society, and its human society that has done this! We have taken their food, their water, and their home… it’s time to pay our debts.
Soon, there will no longer be hoof prints in the desert sand. Only carcasses, eaten and peaked clean by vultures and coyotes. There will no longer be herds running along the dry river beds… there will only be stories, and memories. There will no longer be fearless stallions, fighting for their rights, for their territories. There will only be the silent remains of fights echoing through the night. There will no longer be herds with merry foals, there will only be the ghostly cries of lost fillies…
You CAN make a difference! No matter how small or big. By just signing a pension, by giving a donation, you can help save one mare, one foal, one stallion, one herd. By doing one small thing, you can ease your conscience. By one small thing, you can earn the right to say, “I helped save the mighty mustang!”

The author's comments:
It was a speech for school, but I do love horses and feel the need of these.

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