Scars and Bruises

June 5, 2012
By Anonymous

Each day, I have to look down and remember. I hate hearing about stupid drama that - in the end - is nothing more than some lame thing to keep an empty mind preoccupied; it's like fights against yourself. How pathetic can you get?

I want to see real issues. If you're going to fight, fight about something that matters. But all the while we act like mindless, violent zombies...other people - the ones like me - are seen as those "problem children". We are the ones that probably need therapy, but are too rebellious and stubborn to go. We desperately need help, but we're too timid and scared to even attempt at screaming for it. We're the kids that cut. The ones who are reckless and adventurous - because either the family doesn't care, or we have no home to return to. Either way, the views are totally wrong; but we could never fix it, everyone else is too consumed in the emptiness that is their arguments.

Today, everyone has something to complain about - and i'm no saint when it comes to that. The only difference though, is I have something worth talking about.

I'm not alone in this like everyone else - whose worry is what the person in the yellow shirt said about the preppy girl. All across the country, and the world...someone hurts too. Someone else doesn't know how to deal with all the stress and emotions.

There is someone else out there...picking up a razor or a bottle of pills, wanting everything to stop and finally make sense.

I'm not the one with the problem. I'm the kid who is strong enough to put down the razor, and throw away the pills. I'm that kid who somehow manages to keep their head high after being beat down too many times to count. But I am only one out of millions.

One day, I'll look down and remember. The scars on my knees will tell me how far I've come. They will tell me that I stumbled a few times, but I'm better today. I am strong. And I'm not alone anymore.

The author's comments:
My self-harm issues inspired me to write this. It's been four years, and I'm still trying every day to be strong. But I also have a strong feeling about what I hear around at school. It all sounds so...childish, and then I begin to think about more serious issues, and I know I'm not the only one that's dealt with these things. I hope that this will bring attention to people who aren't concerned about Self-Harm. Also, I hope this is inspiration for other people who have Self-Harmed, and feel alone...because they're not.

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