Drug Use While Pregnant is Child Abuse

June 1, 2012
By Anonymous

All around the world there are children born with disabilities and birth effects that can all be prevented if a mother would have made a wiser decision. Then I come upon the question “Should pregnant women who use drugs during pregnancy be tried for a form of child abuse or delivering drugs to a minor?” What a crime I'll say. But see there are a select few who would say otherwise. Thats where I will elaborate on the illicit drugs used, and the harm they can cause for children in the long run. Then my opinion on if women should be charged for delivering drugs to minor, or child abuse.

The types of drugs I'm talking about are strictly illicit. Therefore they are (Legal Status of Unborn Pg.2) forbidden by laws rules or custom. These kinds of drugs consist of marijuana, ecstasy,cocaine, heroine, all known as some type of amphetamines. See the use of all these drugs cause many problems for children in the long run, but the safety and non-use of the illicit products are highly recommended because it can cause so many problems and can sometimes kill your child. Which then leads me to my main point of the paper.

My opinion on women who use drugs during pregnancy, I think all hands down that it should be a crime and they should be charged with child abuse not possession to a minor. I believe this is the case because said in (March of Dimes Pg. 1) states that 4 % of women in the U.S use illicit drugs during pregnancy, and its said (American Pregnancy Association Pg. 1) that when you are pregnant consumption of illegal drugs is not safe for the unborn baby. Studies have shown that miscarriage and low birth weight and placental abruption can occur if drugs are used during pregnancy. Its highly recommended by doctors to not us any illicit or licit drugs. So then thats where I bring the the law into it, see unborn children have laws too. (Pregnant Pause Pg. 4) They are different from adults because they aren't able to know right from wrong but when an adult does, and knows the outcome of drugs and alcohol use during pregnancy will cause problems with the child, or known as another form of a human being. I know approximately 12 other states have laws against this (State Response to Substance Abuse Amongst Pregnant Women Pg. 4) It is said to be a huge crime and you can get 2-20 years in jail for it. So I say why not bring this law to Washington. I mean yes it effects womans rights as a mother but what right does a woman have to abuse her very own kin for the satisfaction at the moment. I believe you shouldn't have a baby if your in this kind of condition. I believe that abortion is better that putting your baby through this kind of abuse.

Then last bur not least you hear about the effects it causes children to have. The different birth defects and disabilities children can have are extremely horrible for children to put up with, all because an unwise choice a mother makes or continues to make. See its said (March of Dimes Pg.3) that even your child can inherit the immunity to the drugs so coming out you can have a drug addicted baby. The different things that can occur from drug use, consist of (Birth Defects) Structural or metabolic defects which is when a part of the body if formed incorrectly, then you have cleft lip, or cerebral palsy. The cleft lip is a deffect that happens of the lip where tissues of the mouth and lip arent completely formed and fused together. Then there is clubfoot, which is a term used to describe structual defects of the foot and ankle. Then last thereis this thing called your heart, and the things that are commonly occuring in society from drug use isartial and ventrical septal defects, and these are holes in the walls that separate the heart into left and right sides. All this could be avoided if you had a law to follow.

So in the end do you want your child to grow up around other peoples children who will have drug problems, all because of one mothers chices. Or just think to yourself that if you see someone with dissabilities or cleft lip or skin disease, just think its all a 8 out of 10 percent odd that it was due to drug use during pregnancy and just think if a law was made how much more healthier the world would be. So again I do believe woman!! You are in the wrong for drug use during pregnancy and should be charges with child abuse.

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