Goodbye no More

May 28, 2012
By SoniaAmanat BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
SoniaAmanat BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
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me: We the young in society have become overwhelmingly aware of this issue regarding bullying. Over the years, this issue has taken a great toll. Lives have been lost and goodbyes have been said. Together we can take down this issue once and for all. That is why we believe, parents should get involved. Though parents are already urged to communicate with their children, we feel that they often refrain from doing so, especially with teenagers. However, bullying is not just any problem. It is a problem that has been very costly of the years. One simple talk with a teen can possibly save their life. Asking one simple question like ‘ How was school today’ or even ‘Has anything been bothering you lately’ could have a major impact on ones life. So think of a question, any question, and get involved.

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