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May 26, 2012
By Baby_Rav SILVER, Chandigarh, Other
Baby_Rav SILVER, Chandigarh, Other
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There they stand. With their condescending smirks, snide remarks and over made- up faces. A shy bookworm walks past and they waste no time in tearing her poor self-esteem down with their derogatory comments. She goes on , trying to ignore the burst of hurtful emotions swirling inside, thinking that karma would get them .

These narcissistic girls are everywhere to be found in today's society. Their main object in life is to give the illusion of perfect beauty and then snagging a similar shallow male counterpart who can provide them with riches to fulfill their wishes. All they care about are the latest fashions and rich eligible bachelors. Anything more which would require actual care towards a person is produces too much effort on their obtuse brains. In their search for materialism, which provides no deep meaning in life, they forget that beauty runs skin deep. The more virtuous a person is , the more effect of beauty they have. They disregard this principle, thinking that their mirage of superficial pulchritude would suffice. However, life is measured not by your riches, it is measured by those poignant moments when people touch each others' life in a spiritual or affectioned manner. I think that these females should be pitied because they would never know the true meaning of life.

Sometimes fate plays its hand and they get what they deserve. Then a few see the errors of their way and change their vain mindsets but most of the times they play on other's sympathy and keep dictating the lives of those close to them. They are nothing more than mere bullies who thrust their insecurities on others. They are the envious rivals of every virtue and the savage contrivers of moralists. They are nothing less than sadists who adore tearing down other's confidence to provide themselves amusement or to swallow down their own insecurities and boost their self- worth. For the sake of their souls, we can only hope that karma retaliates and gives them a taste of their own medicine, and they look beyond their vanity and arrogance and leave thoughts of self-obsession and conceitedness. That they final burst from their egotistical bubble and awaken their over-indulged brains to the stark reality of human suffering and rejoice in the joys of philanthropy.

The author's comments:
I am sick and tired of such girls who tarnish the image of the whole gender.

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