World of Monopoly

May 21, 2012
By edithT100 SILVER, Ridgeville, Other
edithT100 SILVER, Ridgeville, Other
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Should only one company be solely responsible to run a business, or should other companies get a chance even if they have no experience?

I think that Monopoly's are unfair and every business should get a chance. Monopoly's are good for the people that own the business, but not for anybody else. All the wealth is poured into big companies that are already stable. While small family owned companies can't even get a steady contract. Because of this Monopoly, companies can raise their prices dramatically without them having to worry that their customers will take their money somewhere else. Also, the economy suffers from this because there are less jobs.

If you have a different opinion than me I would love to hear it so just post a comment :)

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