Technology on Kids

May 16, 2012
By jimmybean BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
jimmybean BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
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We live in a new world. You can go on your computer and be talking to someone miles away in minutes. We take these privileges for granted, and may use them to hurt others. Modern technology has heavily influenced the behavior of teens negatively.

I never had the nicest phone, and I only recently added text messaging to plan. I don’t complain. Do I really need a Smartphone at 16? Probably not. But if you look around, you may see sights such as babies playing with ipads or a middle school student with a Blackberry. You may begin to wonder why that child needs that device at all. However, with the new generation coming in, people will stop asking those questions. It will become normal. Babies won’t have Lincoln Logs; they’ll have apps on tablets or phones. This will become part of normal development, and will make the individual completely dependent on technology. Soon it will be impossible for the human brain to comprehend a world without electronics, because the next generation will be born into a connected electronic world. Yes, it is true; technology has brought the world closer. It has allowed people to speak beyond their borders to learn about other cultures. Ideas can spread, and the world may change for the better. It is truly an awesome power for mankind to wield, and because of this, it is abused. Especially by children.

Many teenagers will be cyber bullied at least once in their lives. The attackers are usually insecure cowards, hiding in safety, behind their computer screen. Thousands of kids are targeted every day, and the numbers are climbing. Think of how easy it is for kids to communicate. They can text, send photos, songs, videos, you name it. They are not ready for such a responsibility. I thought I’d add, I’m not talking down to anyone, I am no better. Keep that in mind.

Kids are immature. It’s not their fault, its part of growing up. Placing such a huge responsibility on a developing, young brain is a mistake. They can, and will, abuse the power of technology, the ability to communicate without using social skills. A boy may cyber bully to satisfy himself, knowing there will be little to no consequences to his actions. It’s thinking like this that will change a child, deform what past generations have believed a child to be. We must not let our children become technology dependant, or we will face the consequences when the damage has already been done.

In our modern world, kids are exposed to so much, and growing technology has put more pressure on children, especially adolescents. Growing technology leads to less dependence on one’s self, and may change the human element. Labor-saving technology may have changed us, but we cannot let it defeat us. We must remain who we are. Human. No Smartphone can ever exceed the human mind. If such a thing ever happens, the race of man will no longer be the most intelligent beings on Earth, and humanity could crumble. We will become drones, emotionless robots. We will forget our ability to adapt and to communicate with each other. This is what we are heading for; American children must rise up, and remember who they are.

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