Animal Abuse

May 16, 2012

"Why do people abuse animals?" At least everyone stops and thinks this in their lifetime, but there is no simple answer to this question. Many abusers don't know that what they are doing to animals is cruel. They might think their type of punishment is not cruel. But it may actually put the animal in grave danger.

The types of punishments to animals might be beating, starvation, no housing, and lack of proper medical treatment. Some abusers will do these cruel actions to their animal on purpose. They think their actions are fine since it is their pet. The actions of the abuser may leave scars or even kill their animal. The animal may never view humans as kind or friendly after being abused.

The ASPCA is an organization that tries to stop animal abuse. The actual fact is that half of the animals that are abused are dead before this organization is notified. The ASPCA will receive notification of a possible abuse from the public. They then investigate, and may even have to receive a court order to remove the animal from the abusive household. The ASPCA will then retrieve the animal and take it to an animal hospital. They will then be looked over by a veteranian and with luck given a hopeful future. The ASPCA may even start looking for a foster home for the animal until they can find it a permanent, loving home.

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