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May 14, 2012
By Claudiaa BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Claudiaa BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Man by nature, Hero by choice. Behind every Marine, there is a family supporting a soldier. It takes courage, strength, and determination to fight for a country's freedom. Soldiers are trained to become the best at war, yet there is no training on the top of the Earth to not fear death. Family of a marine realizes the life before the military, the deployment, and the effects of a soldier at war.

Life before the military is sure different then the life on duty. Soldiers lived a life of a civilian. Parties, fights, and memories were an every day experience. Like any other civilian, the family of a soldier takes a main role in their lives. People tend to forget the meaning of live and take everything for granted. As humans we fight and argue, but we never take a minute to realize what really matters in life. We think we deserve everything, and everything should be handed to us. Yet life finds many ways to show us how to value, appreciate, and recognize the value of life.

Being a family member of a marine is not an easy job. As a loved one, the family has to adapt to letting go of the one person they love. Is not easy to accept to let go that one person you cherish. As humans we wish for the impossible. Letting go is hard, yet the acceptance of death is indescribably harsh. How can someone accept and acknowledge that a loved one is walking into a battle field expecting to die? Family has to support the soldier on duty. We have to forget about the grudges we hold, and fulfill life for the little time we have. With out the support of family there could be no hope for a soldier at war. Many people take everything and everybody for granted, until everything is taken away from them at once. Deployment teaches family, friends, and soldiers the value of life and everything it has to offer.

Having a family member over seas can bring the family closer. The time apart allows the family as well as the soldier to realize the meaning of family. The flaws and fights after time apart become more special. The time spent together become the memories captured together. Deployment allows people to size the day and to live life as it was the last day. Every soldier as well as their family recognize and appreciate every moment spent together, yet it could of been the last minute together.

Any soldier before deployment took everything and everybody for granted. The military teaches family members the true meaning of family. Deployment allows for everyone to see how a life changing experience can bring people closer and see the value of life.

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brownies said...
on May. 24 2012 at 7:49 am
I love this article.  The author was a student of mine for 2 years! 

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