Support from Within

May 6, 2012
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Each cut that is made, each step that is taken is made alone. No one is there to hold my hand, no one is there show that they care. Who is there to support me? Is that guy across the street…no,is it the lady there sitting there for something toe eat…no,but maybe its your family that will support you… that’s a no to. Essentially the main person you have to count on for support is that old familiar face you see in the mirror each every day. You are a reflection of your self not your parents and not your siblings. We as people are told to live in someone elses shadow.Why don’t we start and cast our own shadow and pave our own world ahead. We support ourselves and every way shape or form. We can walk the walk,talk to talk, and dream the dream. We can learn to inspire the inspired. Who is going to be my support system? I am…We are the people of dreams and we are the people of the future… don’t let yourself fall to the night.

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