A Curse to be Lifted

May 5, 2012
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What is pain? Is it a feeling? Is it a state of mind? Is it an emotion? It is an unwanted sensation that we all must bear in this life. It is the result of sin.

Pain is what we feel when we are hurt physically. Our brain shocks us, a warning that something is not right. The agony is the undesired consequence of neglecting our physical beings.

Pain is what we feel when we are hurt emotionally. Our literary hearts are torn or neglected. Emotions are played with and hearts are used without caution, resulting in painful heartbreak.

We are weak. Pain reminds us of this daily. We do not learn from past mistakes. We continuously return for more. We think that pain will one day simply abandon us, but it won’t. People pass on, but pain lingers forever. We cannot, will not, experience absence of pain until we let it, in death’s form, overtake us in our final hours.

What will it be like, this absence of pain? Will this mean that we will be emotionless and without feeling? No love means no heartbreak. No touch means no burn. No feeling is no pain.

Or will it be that we will not be allowed anything that could result in pain? You would be alone. No people means no love, which means no heartbreak. But can loneliness be a type of mental pain? It would drive a person insane. Is madness pain?

Or perhaps, there will be so much joy, that pain will just not be possible. Your heart will be so overflowing with love and happiness, that nothing will be able to ever inflict pain on it. And we will be so oblivious to ourselves, so focused on God, that physical pain will not even be an issue. We won’t feel it. We won’t care.

Pain is a curse to be lifted.

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