Stand up

May 4, 2012
The fact in and out, is that we’re human. Each and everyone of us, whether we like it, or not. We don’t need to fit in, to begin, all we were born to do was stand out. Like I had always said, “don’t believe in what I say, just stand up if you really give a damn.” who and what you’re truly looking for, is something only you can answer, so I’m not here to tell you who to be. I’m only here to tell you that you’re worth more than you think. We’re only human, and the world can only expect that much.

We all have the same blood, the same cells,along with the same god, and the same hell. We live the same exact life, we even share the same love. I want some-body, anybody, to stand up. I don’t want to wake up, and hear children saying the same things, “I hate my life,” I want those exact kids, to get off their rears and do something about it. I want them to believe in themselves for who they don’t even know they are. I just want them to take a stand.

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