April 25, 2012
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Should we be ignored just because we happen to be younger? Should we be ignored just because we don’t happen to be adults? Are we dilutes because we don’t hold a little 18 for our age? How old would we be if we were judged by our ideas instead of our chronological age? Why are we even judged by that little number known as age? I think not. So what if we happen to be younger. So what if we happen to not have finished school. I you disagree answer me this was Einstein smart because he was an adult? No Einstein was smart because he was smart not because he happened to be an adult when he got recognised. Eyestone didn’t depend on his age he depended on his brain the same thing we the teenagers of the world depend on. If an ideas good why does it matter if it was thought of by a child a teen or an adult? The only reason an idea should be ignored is if it’s impossible or dangerous. A teen is a smart adult to be why are we still ignored? Do you suddenly become smarter when you hit 18? Its amazing how ignored the people who ignore us can be.

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