Conservative Progressivism

April 12, 2012
By kylewaldman BRONZE, Moorpark, California
kylewaldman BRONZE, Moorpark, California
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To combine what is most frequently referred to as conflicting by detractors who subscribe to opposing ideologies and what is self-inflicted mischaracterization by those who callously claim to belong to such ideologies is to bequeath upon society; to all societies capable of fundamental reform and progression, an effective, post- Liberal, post-Conservative, philosophy that transcends a simple retroversion to Emersonian transcendentalism. A modern, idealistic venture that promotes humanity and individualism, inclusion and responsibility coupled with consequence and incentive is what can be defined as a correct, but not quite formulaic proposal: Conservative Progressivism.

It should be the intention of conservatives to defend conservative values which are primarily confined to that of liberty endowed by a Creator, and not bounded by that of the prejudices of those who determine themselves to interpret such an endowment.

It is presently the point in history, upon acquiring sufficient experience and intellect, for civil government to protect what its very nature attempts to bestow, and to renounce the partisanship and archaic principles that have prevented it from reaching its maximum effectiveness, for society is not only of the present, but for the future. Any given being is granted only one life, and society serves to make that life comfortable and accommodating, accommodating so as to further improve living conditions for the good of others. With each century come new advancements in both technology and moral principles. With the nineteenth century came the invention of the Cotton Gin and the abolition of slavery within the United States. With the twentieth century came the television and various feminist movements. With the twenty-first century should come the embrace of a new, major philosophy; Conservative Progressivism: equality in inclusion and opportunity, but not so extreme as to manufacture complacency that causes progress to plateau.

Everyone—every race, gender, and sexual identity—must be equal. This equality must not come from the hands of government, but from the heart of legitimate social change. Americans must feel within themselves the need for change and equality, for this breeds permanent and substantial progress. But what is this progress?

Progress is the kinship of endorsing the coming reality of legalized gay marriage. To deny men and women of such fundamental privileges because of the manner by which their preferences lay, preferences completely uncontrollable and attached to them unwillingly, and simply by creation, is unjustifiable. If it is in fact a holy truth that these preferences are condemnable by God, then why is it that God created them? Conservatives and everyone alike must address and condemn a myriad of falsehoods that appeal directly against the fiber of what it means to be moral— and Christian. Unmistakably these endeavors will be difficult, for it is easier to support righteous indignation when such a powerful institution advocates the same, but nothing great has ever been achieved without the same righteous resolve.

It would be impractical and utterly false to deny the charitable acts facilitated by Christian institutions as well as some of the ethics that they instill within congregations. But to completely shape political thought and philosophy around an entirely, earthly-bound priest/minister, and to deny fellow citizens due civil liberties, cowardly, and under the protection of God, whose name is untruthfully invoked, is to futilely resist ever-changing sentiments and social standards.

Individualism and equality are only truths in societies that can accept progress for the good of the human condition. Seeing as how uncomfortable it is for humans to change, the road will be difficult. Fighting against thousands of years of oppression masked by religiosity is not easy. Americans must work together to uplift even those whose lifestyles they do not approve. These are the requirements to sustain democracy and just existence.

The author's comments:
"What is a man born for but to be a Reformer, a Remaker of what man has made; a renouncer of lies; a restorer of truth and good, imitating that great Nature which embosoms us all, and which sleeps no moment on an old past, but every hour repairs herself, yielding us every morning a new day, and with every pulsation a new life? Let him renounce everything which is not true to him, and put all his practices back on their first thoughts, and do nothing for which he has not the whole world for his reason. If there are inconveniences, and what is called ruin in the way, because we have so enervated and maimed ourselves, yet it would be like dying of perfumes to sink in the effort to reattach the deeds of every day to the holy and mysterious recesses of life."

--Ralph Waldo Emerson

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