Put Down the Guns

April 5, 2012
By JCourt BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
JCourt BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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Think of how many men and women are dying right now due to war, and think about the reasons why these men and women are fighting. The majority of these people are total strangers to us, while others are close family members and friends. These strangers are fighting to protect us, yet they are being killed for it. Does that seem right at all? Not only does war result in the loss of peoples’ lives, but it also results in enormous expenses. Countries at war often wind up in debt and spend decade after decade trying to compensate for this large expense. Not only are lives of soldiers sacrificed, but the civilians of areas being attacked are also sacrificed. Although it is courageous and brave to fight for one’s country, the effects of war are not worth the initial cause and therefore should be stopped.

Without any doubt, the destruction of war destroys the earth in many ways. God did not create the earth to be torn apart; he intended it to be shared and for his people to live as a whole. Considering God’s want for his people to live as a whole, he also intended for his people to live in harmony and to love one another. Most people do not often consider the fact that the earth is over a million years old and still needs to be taken care of properly. The amount of gases and substances that are used during war are very harmful to earth’s atmosphere, which can be a factor in global warming and air pollution. God created the earth and his people for a reason, and had no intention for his creation to be destroyed, or for war to begin.

Furthermore, war not only results in the loss of people, but it also results in very high expenses. War results in the cost of trillions of dollars, and it is not easy to compensate for this amount. Meanwhile, in order to pay for this large debt, countries often try to discover new ways to pay for it. For example, taxes may be raised and can lead to economic difficulties resulting in a corrupt government. Governments try to avoid approaching these types of situations; however, in order to pay back the debts, the government has to do what must be done. With the raising of taxes, many people become angry and often revolt. Instead of raising taxes and angering the civilians, the government should try to compromise with the enemies. For instance, instead of constantly having to pay for the expenses of war, these issues can be resolved by forming peace treaties to end the war.

In final consideration, not only are soldiers dying, but the civilians of a war area are dying daily. Generally speaking for all people, no one wants to live in an environment where bombs are flying everywhere and danger constantly strikes. Imagine walking outside to find that an atomic bomb is headed towards your house and you have less than thirty seconds to escape. That is how some people live in today’s world. They constantly live in fear, hoping that the war will end. Our 9/11 is Iraq’s 24/7, which means the terrorist attack that occurred on September 11, 2001, occurs every day for Iraq. Terrorists invade and attack Iraqi homes, which puts constant danger in the lives of many innocent people. The act of killing each other is immoral and needs to be stopped. Although everything happens for a reason, it is the people’s choice to decide whether war begins or ends. Therefore, war can be prevented; the situation lies in the hands of the governments of both countries and should be considered carefully. With attention to religious beliefs, killing innocent lives is also immoral; therefore, war should be stopped. Not only does war bring fear to many peoples’ lives, but it also brings cruelty and suffering to the world. As Bertrand Russell states, “War does not determine who is right – only who is left.” In all consideration, there is no reason for war. War also brings destruction to the world as well as famine, death, and sadness to the people of the war area.

In conclusion, the effects of war not only affect the earth, but they also affect people worldwide. War affects the earth and results in an abundance of destruction that later needs repairing. War affects civilians of the war area that is being attacked as well as the family members and friends of soldiers who are fighting. Not only does war result in suffering, but it also results in famine, death, and sadness to many people. Finally, war affects a country’s economic health resulting in many expenses that need to be compensated for and are very difficult to complete. By ending the war, there would no longer be any damage to the earth, large debts to pay back, tension between countries, or harm to civilians.

The author's comments:
Ordinary men and women have no idea what soldiers experience on a daily basis. I've always had such an enormous respect for soldiers and all that they do to sacrifice their lives for the safety of the citizens. Most people take what they have for granted. Even I am guilty of being selfish for the many blessings in my life. I hope to one day join the military in respect of previous fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for my life. These are the unknown heroes, and this is my opinion of how we should put an end to war in respect for the soldiers of the United States military.

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