Technology, Friend or Foe

March 30, 2012
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As the holiday season rolls out, and families across the world throw away the crumpled and futile piece of paper that used to be December 2011. Inventors all over the world look at the previous feats of the world in order to create their own mark on the world. They spend endless hours trying to create the newest cell-phone, laptop, or tablet, in the hopes to sell their new product to nation’s population and normally they’re very successful. People spend endless hours on their lap-tops or I-pads, and school age students are no different.
As yet another year comes and goes, districts upon districts are forcing their schools to switch their books for flashy e-readers and tablets and pens and paper with laptops and printers. The youth of America forgets that the brain is smarter than any software or microchip; they forget that the brain is capable of doing so much if given the opportunity; they forget that machine is only as smart as the mind behind it. For instance, students with exceptional writing abilities are poor spellers, because they rely heavily on spell and grammar check, that sometimes when given a blank piece of paper they are unable to let even the smallest ray of talent shine through.

Turn your clock back a decade or two ago, look around students managed then, without the luxury of cell phones, laptops, and calculators. So why can’t we? However having said that, living in the 21st century, we must also realize that we are living in an age that will be forever known as the technology age, that it is important for us to keep in mind what strides have been made and which still need to be made. But that still doesn’t mean that a battery powered calculator or a robotic voice in your new phone will ever prove to be as intelligent as the human brain. Next time you have an apple leave it out of school, unless of course it’s plump, juicy, red, and for the teacher.

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oudeis said...
Apr. 30, 2012 at 8:57 pm
I really enjoyed your article and completely agree with your message!  I feel that our generation has become waaaay too dependent on machines.  This generation is comprised of the progression of machines and the regression of the human mind.  Thank you for bringing this issue to the public attention!
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