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April 22, 2012
By Cristian serrano BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Cristian serrano BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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People this days when they decide to throw always the food instead of giving it to the needed once. This types of people like to buy the food but then never eat of tasted that food .They throw this foods always because sometimes they do not know where or when to give it always. They may also throw this food items because they do not care about anybody. People should give food always to the food banks to help out the community.

The people that give food to the food banks community have the power and social responsibility. This types of people may had once been like this. Some actions may be used to also persuade those who do not do this. Actions like seeing needed once or making themselves be needed.

Once good action to convert these people give is by making them like those that need the food. The parents of those may help if want by saying they have no money and would have to live in these situation. These people may see how there food helps and they may once also be in the same situation. Then they may give food to the community food banks.

In America many people use food banks to feed themselves. The percentage of American food banks use are 31 million of Americans. This happens probably look at this statistics and say conclude they will never be in the same situation. There’s where they are wrong. Statistics say that every one person of eight go to food banks some what in there life.

In conclusion you will someday end up being help by food banks. So you people that think it will never happen there where you are wrong. Food banks help the needed once like homeless people, or people that have survive a natural disaster. People could give always food to food banks in there community because someday that food could be used on them.

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