April 22, 2012
By Anonymous

Bullying is the most salient social problem in schools and it is the parents, teachers, and administrations job to change that. Parents need to talk to their children every now and then about the subject so their child will know how to get out of the situation of being bullied or so their child can stop bullying other kids. The teachers and administration can also help by having assemblies, discussing school problems, and social issues. If that happened then the children will soon realize that what they are doing isn’t right and they will soon stop.

My little brother is in the third grade and he used to get bullied by this fifth grader at school every day. He would make him give him his lunch money and push him around. My brother was so scared of him that he just did what he told him to do. One day my brother’s school had an assembly and these kids were doing a skit on bullying and how it really affects your life. The next day the little boy apologized to my brother because he didn’t realize that what he was doing really traumatized my brother and how it affected him. After that, the fifth grader was always nice to my brother and never bullied him again.

The parents and institutions do have the power to stop bullying. Sometimes when the teachers see certain things going on they don’t do anything about it and that’s not right. Bullying is a salient problem that people are very angry about, but people are only expressing how they feel by talking about it instead of taking action and actually doing something about it. Although, some children don’t let an adult know when they are being bullied or if something is going wrong because they are afraid of what the bully will do to them if they find out that they’ve told someone. Someone around them must know what’s going on, but isn’t telling anyone either. But, the parents and institutions do have the power; they just need to take action and be aware of their surroundings and changes they see in a child.

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