The Shadows of the Teenage World

April 20, 2012
By TheBullyMessanger BRONZE, Hickory Hills, Illinois
TheBullyMessanger BRONZE, Hickory Hills, Illinois
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" When will I realize, I do not have any problems with myself, it is they who have problems with me, and then, and only then, will I be released from my tormentors"


You see them everywhere, in the halls, in classrooms, everywhere. They are the shadows, quiet followers of the IN crowd. The shadows are in pursuit of the crown, the head spot in the popular clique. These people honestly believe they have friends, but all they have are ruthless leaders. They do everything they are told, without hesitation, they would probably jump off a cliff if they were asked. I sometimes, I feel bad for them because this is, apparently, their last solution for social acceptance. But other times, I realize they have a voice of and personality of their own, and they have the power to break away from the pack and be their own person. At times, I myself, fall prisoner to the group of shadows, but then I've caught myself and broken away. I have found where I belong and where I am accepted, and one day, the shadows will too.

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