Death Penalty

April 18, 2012
By Anonymous

Because it is unnecessary and most certainly unethical to take away the life of a human being, the death penalty is not suitable punishment and should not be allowed.

When the culprit of a crime is caught, he is usually sent to court for the evidence of the crime as well as how he will be punished. For many severe crimes, the culprits hear the words “death penalty” and the strike of the wooden mallet against the desk and they immediately feel they have been completely stripped of their life. They see themselves as property, as an animal, or as a piece of meat that anyone can decide what they want to do with it. In most cases, there is an extremely large amount of time that goes by between the court date and the date of the actual execution. During this time, the culprit knows in his mind that he is going to die, and that there is no longer any reason to live. By telling the culprit he will be executed, he is completely dehumanized and stripped of any emotion but fear. Fear of death. As a human being, he is naturally afraid to die, but now he knows his death will come, and he can’t do anything about it.
Death penalties can range from gas chambers, where the person slowly suffocates with a poisonous gas that doesn’t allow them to breathe, to electrocution chairs, where a strong jolt of electricity is sent all throughout the body causing sever pain, all the way to hanging, where the victims trachea is slowly crushed as the victim gasps helplessly for air. A more humane method of the death penalty can also be administered which is death by lethal injection. However, even though this method is branded as “humane”, it consists of three different drugs, one to render the victim unconscious, one as a muscle relaxant that paralyzes the diaphragm and the lungs to ensure the victim stops breathing, and finally the last drug which causes cardiac arrest and ensured the victims death. Any of these methods can be hardly seen as humane. No man alive on Earth has the right to declare whether or not a person may or may not live.

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