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April 17, 2012
By Broken-Silence SILVER, N/A, New York
Broken-Silence SILVER, N/A, New York
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Bullying is something that everyone experiences. Either they get bullied or they bully someone, but you can't run from it. Bullying scares everyone, even the people who witness it. They can't help the person because if they do, then they will get bullied. All you can do is tell an adult or a teacher, but to us teens that won't do nothing. All the teachers do is give them detention or tell them to stop. Since their bullies, they don't care and will continue to do it. Bullying needs to stop, teens these days are getting bullied more and more. Some become so insecure of themselves, that they stop going to school. This is affecting their education, and just cause someone is bullying them. This is unacceptable and cannot continue.

When i was in sixth grade I witnessed somebody being bullied. I couldn't believe what I was watching, it was so painful even for me. The boy was being bullied for being smart. I was in shock, the bully was upset that they boy had gotten a better grade then him. So he decided to bully him, the teachers around him didn't do nothing. The only thing left to do was for someone to step in and stop what was happening . So I did, I knew what I was at risk for but it was worth it. I went up to the kid, and asked him if he was okay. He suddenly started running, and the bully got upset. He came up to me and said "Why did you do that?" I looked up at him, and I just looked at his face. The expression he had, it made me feel bad for him. To him the bullying was his good grade, he was so hopeless. So I just walked away,I wasn't going to fight with him. He wasn't worth it, and he didn't even care. He just left angry and depressed. At that moment I noticed that bullies didn't want to bully. They only did it to make themselves feel good, that was their way of expressing their emotions.

Bullies were always angry, so there anger took control of them. Therefore they would bully others to release the pain. Most of the times bullies are bullied at home. By their parents or siblings, that affects the bully a lot. They become filled up with anger and pain, they feel that nobody loves them. So they use fighting to relieve all that pain. They just cant hold it in, they need to get rid of it somehow. I think bullying is a big problem in our school, but it just doesn't go on in school. It also happens outside of school, kids are bullied while they walk home. They just cant escape from it, and lately bullying has gotten worst.
Kids are not safe when they walk to school, when they are at school, and especially when they are out of school. They don't just get bullied from kids in their school, but also kids that don't even go to their school. They are sometimes forced to do their homework for them, and if you don't do it they will beat you up. You can't fight back because if you try, then more will jump on you.

At times teens can get home safe, but others are in danger. Some teens in our school are jumped or even harassed by gang members. Teachers in our school know about these gang activities, but they don't do nothing. All they do is send some forms to parents to fill out, and sometimes they give it to the teens to fill out. That's all they do for the things that happen outside, if they aren't going to do nothing. Then don't send the forms home, all they do is ask questions saying " Do you feel safe in school? or Is there gang activity in school?" All they care about is their school, they only ask like 1 or 2 questions about outside of school. They know that gang activity happens outside of school, they have cameras they can see what happens. But they don't do anything about it, they just watch what happens. Some teens are brain washed to think that being in a gang is cool, and that doing drugs is what's cool. I've seen it happen before, a good person becoming a bad person. The members of the gang treat them like they are family, and most likely that is what the teen wants. To feel like he has a family, to be accepted by people who understand him. As soon as he feels that kind of love, he will fall into their trap. Once he is completely with them, then they start giving him the drugs and then he is completely family. If the teen doesn't do the drugs then that family he just made will either hurt him or he will loose them, and he doesn't want that so he does the drugs. Then he gets addicted to them and he because a drug addict, and his old life is gone. He left it behind, now supposedly he has a better life with drugs. All this bullying needs to stop!!!!!!!! Our world needs to change. We can't keep living in this world with all this violence. It needs to stop

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