April 17, 2012
By Anonymous

In America, we don’t worry about our rights the way we should. People in other countries struggle to maintain their rights, let alone have them. If you asked someone in America what rights they had, they would give you a blank stare and keep on walking, or maybe they would say, “They are listed in the Bill of Rights, what about them?” People in most other countries would give a respectable answer like, “Human rights are things that you are born with. They should be unalienable, but quite a few people don’t have access to theirs, whether it be because of child labor or altogether, slavery.”

In the U.S. Constitution, it states that American citizens have certain rights. However, for quite a while, we still had slavery and even went to war because of it. So yes, people should be more involved in their rights. It would help to make sure you have full awareness of what you can and cannot do, what other people have the rights to make you do and how people can take your rights away. (without due process). Also in the Constitution, it says everyone is born equal. People are born with the decisions their ancestors make. Whether it was for the good or the bad, the government has no control over it, and neither do we. In my eyes, the government is taking away some peoples rights. For example, gay marriage, abortion, and unequal taxes.

If our citizens had an idea, about the evils in the world, they might be more involved with their own rights. Some people have set up awareness programs to help the right’s grow, but people are blind to the outside world, they pay no attention to things that couldn’t possibly happen to people like them. Get more involved in your rights. What can you do to help?

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