Computer Disease

April 5, 2012
By Mengxuan Ma BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
Mengxuan Ma BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
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A major concern in the 21st century is the health issues linked with the overdose of computer usage. So, what is the computer disease? It is a tendency to stare at our computer screen for almost every single day of our lives and eventually getting into the mess of obesity, loss of eyesight, and other serious problems.
I have a friend who is 21 this year and is suffering from the type 2 diabetes because of obesity. The primary reason is because of his addiction to the use of computers ever since the beginning of high school. His average time on the a computer of some sort ranges from 7 to 8 hours a day, which pushes into his sleep time and shortens it to about 4-5 hours a night. He’s completely blind without glass and walks much slower than an average person because of his weight. His health issues have been a huge concern for his parents and have a major influence on important parts of his life. America has the world’s highest rates for obesity, not only is that because of our diet but also because our economy supports at least one computer per average household. The United States beat the country with second highest obesity rate, Mexico by 6 %, 30.6% to 24.2%. That number has a high connection with the fact people in America have more access to the addictive use of computers. We need to reduce the amount of time Americans spend in front of a screen, because if this number keep on increasing, who knows how high it will be twenty years from now.
Overusing the computer can also damage our eyes. I know for a fact that my eyesight has gotten worse and worse throughout the years of high school because the large amount of time I spend typing up projects for school and wondering on interrnet. The possibility of myopia terrifies me so I try to take a break in between and rest my eyes. Still, years of staring at a computer screen has done me more damage than I thought, things across the room has become more and more blurry and sometimes I can’t even tell the time from the back of a classroom. It is a disease that I contracted a long time ago along with all the other people who got sucked into the world of computers. It became a habit to open my computer as soon as I get home and do most of my work on it. However, does all the things I do require the use of computer? Absolutely not, I spend way more time playing around than actually focusing on my work. Why? Because interrnet has so many distractive factors that takes away my concentration. Over the years I learned to stay off interrnet as much as I can and I can honestly say that now I probably have broken the addiction I had when I first encountered with computers.
Yes it is a highly contagious disease, but it’s curable and with some persistency and determination, it’s very easy to control. With all these consequences in mind, people should really start to be careful about using computers. Sure it’s convenient and fun, but not so much that you need to become obsessed with it.

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