March 25, 2012
By ABove SILVER, Hollister, California
ABove SILVER, Hollister, California
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In life we're told what to think from birth. We're told that in order to lead a good life you have to get married, have a house with a white picket fence and carry on your lineage. Yet no one chooses to think why those are the status quo's, no one challenges the way of life we've come to know, we're being led like a blind horse. Our society has no problem conforming and accepting the regime laid out by those before us. Yet they had no idea that our life would become a series of days strewn together to make us take for granted the idea of living everyday to it's fullest. How are you supposed to enjoy life when you can't tell yesterday from a month ago? How are you supposed to enjoy your life when it's just repetition? How are you supposed to enjoy life when the only thing you strive for is truly worthless? You seek fortune for a better life, yet you work everyday to look forward to a day off, you stress and cringe over rent, yet you'll beg for comfort, you strive for acceptance, yet shudder in criticism, you want to be "happy", yet do nothing but sympathize for yourself, all this grief and disdain for what? Because we're scared, because underneath it all we all want to experience life for what it is. We all want to truly attain one thing, freedom. Freedom from judgement, freedom from standards, freedom from law, freedom from ourselves. We want to be accepted for who and what we truly are; people, not just people, individuals. Individuals who think, act and react differently. Individuals who breathe just like anyone else, individuals who should be considered equal regardless of their names or titles. Individuals who feel just like you and I, individuals who wish they could have a different life. Individuals who's names I shall never know yet think just like me. Individuals who are indivual just by having one stray thought. How can one individual be better than another? How can one dictate everyone else's life? How can a mere individual say his word is law when he is no better than I? How can those individuals, who think just like me, sit idly by and let us lose our humanity? How can they let words influence and guide our every action? They say you only live once, yet "they" aren't even living it themselves.

The author's comments:
I suffer from depression as well as Bipolar disorder. It's hard for me to remain positive, so this is my form of venting.

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