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March 20, 2012
By LlyonsDead BRONZE, New Washoe City, Nevada
LlyonsDead BRONZE, New Washoe City, Nevada
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What do you want to do when you grow up? Does it pay enough to support your needs? What if you want a family, will it support them? You might have to change your plans. What if you could have the job you loved, did well, and it payed enough to support your needs. Most say not possible, I say it is with Communism. Communism might be the answer to our economic issues we have today. Communism is an economic system that was created in the late 1800’s by a man named Karl Marx. Although he did not fully make communism he did have most of the ideals that are used. This is a very successful system, without a supreme system and all that.

When you follow Karl Marx image you will gain a major increase in quality of work. Citizens will work very hard because they want to. There would be no competition for pay if everyone made the same wages. No competitions among business cause there ran by the same people, the government. That eliminates corporate espionage.

Some people are scared of communism, because of the such gruesome history of it. The Soviet Union and Korea are some examples of this system. In the truce of all things the soviet union was ran by a corrupt man not following the Karl Marx version of communism. Its the same with Korea. With a system of checks and balances this can be changed. With these changes the history of communism would not matter.

In a way, the classroom children are in, uses communism. Everyone learns and follows the teacher for the sake of learning. No matter how rich and or smart they are will receive the same amount of learning in a public school. I know this may not be the best example but you get the gist. In a compantherees a board, C.E.O and then the workers the board and C.E.O. make the big decisions and the workers carry out that decision. Who deserves more money, the talkers or the doers, in communism they earn just enough for there needs so in a way everyone wins.

Ive talked a lot about how communism works and what it does to help its citizens but what about today with our economic issues. We could revise our system and possibly change it. Im not saying communism is the best fit but it is one of the better choices. Communism is not perfect but neither is our system in America. Although the Soviet Union had issues, it was a very productive time in Russia’s history. In time like these we need all the help we can get, maybe communism is that help we need.

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on Dec. 13 2012 at 10:47 am
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Great work, i love the classroom example. I always thought another good example waslike team projects they all desire to do good so they allwork hard and get the same grade.

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