March 20, 2012
By brawl23 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
brawl23 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Hey, all you skeptics, you can’t just say you don’t believe in ghosts just because you’ve never seen one. Even if you haven’t seen a ghost I’m sure you know someone that has. There’s a reason you see and here weird things around your house and at night, and it isn’t earthquakes or animals.

The reason I believe in ghosts is because our guest room is haunted. There aren’t electrical problems but when ever you go in there, the light turns off at random moments, and so does the fan. The house isn’t very old so you can’t blame it on that. At some point in time the TV just goes to static when it’s turned off, and when its turned on it turns off. This all seams to happen when it’s dark outside. The weirdest thing is when the door is closed and secure, it sometimes opens by itself, and it isn’t like the door is cracked open, its completely closed.

You can’t just say any strange thing is a coincidence. How do you explain the Bermuda triangle? Ships disappear their all the time, you sure can’t say that’s a coincidence. Scientists research this, and use terms like extrasensory perception, Psycho kinesis, and many other big words. Did you know that 48 % of Americans believe in ghosts, and 22% have seen or felt the presence of a ghost? Also more women believe, and have seen ghosts than men. They also have books and TV shows about this. If ghosts weren’t real they wouldn’t get many viewers. People talk about ghost hunters and how it’s really convincing. In books there are first hand accounts on paranormal activity. Most of the time people are sober and drug free, so you can’t say “oh that’s just a crazy old drunk.” For all of you that have seen paranormal activity, that was based on a true story.

I know of a house that is always in bad shape, but then someone buys it to try and fix it up. Shortly after they buy it bad things start happening, like paint cans and ladders tipping over, so they sell it. Later on someone else buys it for the same reason, and the same thing happens and it’s sold again. A coincidence? I think not. Even our school theater is haunted. A friend of mine told me that he was in drama on stage, and a role of duct tape nailed him in the head from the rafters so a few people went up each ladder to see if any one was up there but it was empty. The rafters are very noisy so even if someone tried to get down quietly, it couldn’t be accomplished. He also told me that a construction worker died by falling off the edge of the rafters around the time the school was being built.

You know, in movies its always the people that don’t believe that are killed first, so for all you non believers, be a little more open minded, because you don’t know what could be out there.

Work cited
Paranormal phenomena (opposing viewpoints) by Karen Miller

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