Are Drugs all Bad?

March 18, 2012
By xjoetheshowx BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
xjoetheshowx BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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I am a high school student and have no involvement in drugs what so ever. Quite frankly I despise them, but have decided to look at it in a different way. Maybe they could help our country. If drugs become legal it would reduce and maybe even diminish a lot of problems revolving around them. I believe that if you set it up just like alcohol then it would work out for the better of our nation.

There are a few ways that legalizing drugs will help our country. The first way legalizing drugs will help is that it will reduce crime in situations related to drugs. “How will it reduce crime?” people ask. Well, this is how the people that try to get the drugs in illegal ways won’t have to anymore; they won’t be put in prison for doing something that’s going to happen any way. Also, it would totally demolish the drug cartels because they won’t be making their money off of the illegal actions to get drugs into our country. In addition, the people in prison, for just drug related crimes, will be released and then taxpayers won’t have to pay for them to live in the jail. This also helps with the crowded jails in some parts of the country. These people going to jail for getting drugs will do it whether its legal or not. Thus, if it is made legal and they will do it any way, why not make some money off of it? If it was taxed, like alcohol, then our government would make lots of money off of people buying these drugs. Also, we could save money on the drug wars and catching the smugglers. Just not having to stop the smugglers alone will save an estimated $41.3 billion a year, plus all of the money made off of the tax on the drugs. Which is estimated to be $46.7 billion. Money is always good for a bad economy so that would definitely help in a big way. One other thing it would do is make the use of the drugs safer. If you regulate the drugs then people would use it just like alcohol. Also, it will make it harder for under aged kids to get. It is a proven fact that it is easier for a teen to get hard drugs or marijuana than it is to get alcohol. Drugs can be harmful but legalizing them could potentially be helpful and less dangerous. That could be just what our country needs.

People will always say, ”ahh they will hurt you” or, ”people will be irresponsible with them”. Look at it this way; those people that are irresponsible have access to alcohol, which can be considered a drug. Also, it is proven that alcohol can be very harmful to your body just like drugs. In addition, it is said that people will overdose on these drugs. Yes they might but they probably would have anyway without it being legal. Also, people overdose with alcohol all the time it is the same thing. Another thing some say about it, is that people will become addicted but people become addicted to cigarettes and alcohol everyday and they both are perfectly legal. The last thing that is commonly brought up is that they will be easier to get. This is true for adults, but like I said before legalizing drugs will make it harder for kids and teens to get. Also, the adults buying the drugs will get their drugs no matter what it takes! If it is legal or not.

I have no interest in trying drugs or using them but I think that they are going to help our country if they were made legal. I know that drugs are a big problem but legalizing could help with that problem and maybe even help our problems with our economy. This is just an idea but it may be a solution.

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