March 17, 2012
In the dimly lit hospital room, I sat across from my dear friend. Terminally ill, she had sunken into a deep depression embedded with hopelessness and pain. She told me that her suffering had overcome the last bit of strength onto which she was holding. I offered her my comfort as I held her hands, but my words were simply not enough to fill the void in her life. She confided in me that she was done living through this, and that she was going to commit suicide to escape the pain. I knew it was up to me to convince my beloved friend that life is a gift worth fighting for. Being pro-life means encouraging and respecting all life, even when suffering pains those for whom we care. Suicide in any form and euthanasia are both immoral in that they contradict God’s power to control life.

God created each and every one of us with a set plan and purpose in mind; some have just not figured theirs out yet. Those who are suffering can identity with Jesus Himself, because they both endure a great deal of pain in their lives. People in torment need to look at all Jesus has accomplished through his suffering: granting humanity eternal life and inspiring millions to the Christian faith. When you suffer and remain steadfast in your faith, you set an admirable example for everyone around you, whether you know it or not. Suffering can lead someone to be either bitter or better; achieving the latter if you bear your cross with grace. If Jesus had committed suicide in order to take the easy way out, we would not have our salvation. Although easier said than done, through suffering we gain strength and appreciation for the good things present in life. Each person is a unique, blessed, and beloved creation of God. Life is a miracle, destined to be carried out according to His plan.

Assisting somebody in his or her suicide and euthanasia disrespects God’s omnipotence over His creation. God will not give someone something he or she cannot handle. Although pain can lead to hopelessness, righteousness is also attainable through suffering. There is always a bright side to life, it just may require more searching at times. If God meant for humanity to be able to control the gift of life, He would have given us a receipt.

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