Effects of the increase of the obesity in Turkey

March 17, 2012
By , Istanbul, Turkey
The Topic is your “Life”
Nowadays most of the people in Turkey prefer to eat fast food in their meals and logically this effects the fat people’s proportion in Turkey. The overcomes of this event isn’t so good for example because of the fat and calories in those foods people will die in their earlier ages. If the citizens of Turkey eat mostly fast food in their meals they will be fat certainly unless this person has got a special situation. Because of being fat naturaly people’s stomach will grow and they will spend much more time and effort for to make it filled.

One of the worst outcomes of eating fast food is that people will die earlier than the normal people. Eating fast food isn’t so different from smoking like if you smoke too much it will addict you to itself. There are lot’s of experiments how it is dangerous but mostly people don’t care those stuff too much. When you smoke too much it becomes one of your life’s part and after a while you don’t really discern that you are smoking. It takes you to the certain end slowly and slowly like as the fast food. I can mention to you the whole effects of eating fast food but probably it would take many days.

The days will get shorter and shorter if you continue to eat fast food because you have to waste your valuable time for to make your stomach full with those. Again it is like smoking because when people day-dreaming they can finish packets of cigarettes in a day without any purpose. After a while your body will need fast food and you can’t stand against it. You will just think to feed yourself as a monster. As a result if you spend lots of time on eating for to fill yourself you can’t do any other beneficial things for your health. For example who doesn’t want to have a sporty body instead of to carry a huge stomach and weightful fats? Certainlt nobody.

As a result people haven’t been able to found any help of the fast-foods. Because of that reason, there are lots of seminars and speeches are given by doctors about those such harmful foods. It’s only waste of your time, money, body and the most important is your “life”. Don’t chose the easy way and make your foods in your house so that they can keep you from the harmful effects of the fast food.

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