Communication With Children After Divorce

March 16, 2012
By jennifer27 PLATINUM, Sunnyside, Washington
jennifer27 PLATINUM, Sunnyside, Washington
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Divorce is certainly not easy for adults and their children. That's why parents should still have that communication with their children. Communication is important because they might wounder lots of questions, so you should still show and tell your children the love you have for them, and you should know how your children are feeling.

Your children might have lots of questions about why their parents got divorced. Some questions the might wonder are:
Why doesn't my other parent talk to me?
Am I ever going to see or talk to my other parent?
Was it my fault my parents got divorce?
Why doesn't my parent tell me why they got divorce?
Why doesn't my parent tell me or show me that they still love me?
There's lots more questions they might wonder. That's why you as parents should still have that communication with your children. Answer some of their questions and don't be afraid to do it.

Parents need to show and tell their children they still love them because if they don't they're going to feel sad, alone, not wanted, depressed, etc. Your children might say, “My parents don't love me because they don't show me or tell me that they love me.” So tell your children and show it to them or else they might commit suicide, run away, join a gang, start using drugs, drop out of school, cut themselves, and they might do something even more serious. Parents, tell your children you love them and show it to them because you don't want your children to do some of these things or something more serious.

Do you want to know how your children are feeling? Do you want your children to grow up good? Parents if you love your children your going to want them to feel good and your going to want them to grow up good, so talk to your children make them feel good, loved, wanted, etc. Parents, you can take your children to different places so they can at least forget about something and have fun. You can take them to the mall, movies, bowling, fishing, hiking, swimming, boating, jet skiing, snow boarding, and you can take them to other places also. Have a relationship with your children and be there with them until the end. Don't put your children aside. That is the worst thing you can do to your children. So when you, the parent, needs help your children can help you and when your children need help you can help them. So talk to them. Be there for them. Don't put them aside.

Some things your children might want from you the parents are:
Both parents still in their life.
Both parents stop fighting and start to get along.
Both parents start to communicate with each other because your children don't want to be sending messages back and forth.
When one parent talks about the other parent say good things about then or don't talk at all!
Your children need both parents in their lives to grow up good:)

Parents getting divorced is hard and its harder when a parent doesn't talk to their children any more. They miss you and want to have that communication with you, so talk to them. Don't let them feel alone and suffer. Don't let them hate life because you don't talk to them. Love your children. Talk to them and show them that you do love them and care for them.

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gummybear said...
on Mar. 22 2012 at 11:15 am
I think everyone change not only parents an thats is not good but we all forgive an let go bc we all learn our mistakes. So give everyone a second chance bc we all do need a second chance.


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