You Are Beautiful

March 13, 2012
Image. It is all around us: on billboards, on television shows, in movies, and even at school. The images displayed on the screen are gorgeous girls who are ultra-thin, have perfect hair, perfect make-up, and perfect smiles. These are the girls who always get the super cute guy with bulging muscles, and great personalities. Every teenage girl wishes to be that character on television, and after a while becomes obsessed with trying to be her. They no longer care about their own self-worth and inner beauty, they only care about their outside appearance, and how others see them. This ideal image is dangerous to young teenage girls, and can be the cause of very low self-esteem.
The biggest threat is the Media. It is a leech that sucks you dry until you have absolutely nothing left, and it is the reason so many girls have eating disorders, self-esteem issues, and lack of confidence. We are so brainwashed into thinking that this image is perfect, and is what every girl should strive for. Girls are tricked into thinking this is what they want, “if I could have a body like that actress, I would be happy, and never complain about myself ever again.” I myself have often thought that if I just had a skinnier body I would be content, but the truth is: even if I had that perfect body, I would still find something wrong with it, and then beat on myself all over again. This is the constant routine of an average teenage girl. I have realized that I cannot change my habits, I will always be jealous of someone else’s body, but I can change how I look at myself.
Everyone is beautiful, whether on the outside or the inside. Everyone has a special quality that makes them unique and special, no matter the significance. Some are good listeners, some are good leaders, and some are naturally kind. Whatever that quality may be, it is yours. These characteristics are the things we need to focus on instead of the outside appearance. These qualities are what will change your attitude about yourself; and quite frankly everyone else too. Once you recognize what your special quality is, you can start to see a change in yourself. Once you see the inner beauty of yourself you will begin to see the beauty of everyone around you as well. Girls are constantly plagued on the thoughts of how everyone else sees them.
This is the second biggest threat, and it is mostly seen at school. I myself, being a teenage girl attending high school, have often noticed the constant stares in the hall when walking to class. I am also guilty of looking around and judging others on their outward appearance. The fact is though, is that most girls are mean, even if they don’t think so, and can cause harm when intended or not. Gossip injures girls the most and can cause girls low self-esteem, where they will believe that everyone thinks of her that way until she will believe those words to be as true as doctrine taught in church. But if a girl gets a compliment, for example: “your hair looks really cute today,” her thinking changes. She won’t believe that person, but it will be nagging her in the back of her mind until she really looks at her hair again; and that’s when she understands that her hair really does look good. After her epiphany, she has a bounce in her step and a brighter countenance that wasn’t there before. This girl gained a little more self-worth all because of one small compliment, the person who gave the compliment also felt happier and better about herself. When you see others for who they really are, you begin to see your true beauty as well.
It is easy to break down others and hard to build ourselves up because we are our greatest critics, where all the bad characteristics we have are magnified. But if you give someone a compliment and focus on only the good in that person, you can see the good in yourself. You have the power to change your attitude about yourself. So why don’t we utilize that power? Because we are afraid. Afraid of what someone might say or do. Afraid that you won’t be accepted. Afraid that even if you do change, no one will recognize your true beauty as you have for yourself. I promise that if you try to make a difference in how you see yourself in the mirror, people will notice; and if you are still talked about by some mean girl, it is because she is jealous that she can’t be you! Be yourself, and don’t be afraid – no one will laugh. If someone laughs, it will be you when you’ve realized how silly you have been for not noticing how special you are. True beauty is hard to find in a person, so find yours and let it shine.
P.S. Smile, it looks good on you!

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