Invisible Children

March 12, 2012
By spirit_eyes GOLD, McKeesport, Pennsylvania
spirit_eyes GOLD, McKeesport, Pennsylvania
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Should we make Joseph Kony famous and should you join the Invisible Children? These are both valid questions to ask before you decide whether or not to join this group, the problem is most don’t think about it. Personally, I think that yes,Kony needs to be stopped, but the group Invisible Children is might not be the best answer. For one thing records show that only about one third of the money goes towards helping the victims recover or looking for Joseph Kony. That means that if you buy the thirty dollar kit only ten dollars go towards helping. While with the hundreds of thousand of people buying them it is quite a bit, it is still only a fraction of what it could be. The other two thirds are used to make the public aware. The film/ video is an example of the thousands spent on public awareness. On top of that it is extremely simplistic, too simple perhaps? It also doesn’t tell about the other programs trying to help with recovery. It leads on as if the Invisible Children is the only group out there to help, when in fact the programs already started are doing quite well. Another thing is that the video doesn’t even tell you that he is no longer in Uganda, he was chased out years ago and the LRA was removed. So, while I can’t say that to join the group would be a bad idea, you should make an informed decision. Read the facts, because without knowledge you make little difference.

The author's comments:
I feel like this is a serious issue that needs to be reviewed. Please tell me what you think and what you decide, even if it's only to tell me my writing is awful and that you completely disagree.

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