Police Brutality

March 8, 2012
By JBaller BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
JBaller BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Black man beaten by a group of white officers accused of attemping to steal a car. Travarious Daniels a 29 year old took several beatings to the head after being tackled to the ground at a nightclub in Birmingham, Alabama. Camera show that he had his hands in the air when he was called by the officials before he was tackled aggresively to the ground. Over 300 million dollars were spent in police brutality settlements and judgements from 2009-10. No one deserves this type of disrespect and discriminating action. Police are the ones who know what's right from wrong.

The police should take action only to help keep things in order. We need them to keep the peace for society. They were trained to keep us safe. How is being treated wrong or being discriminated safe? How is beating some to death protecting anyone? Travarious didn't harm or threaten anyone so why does he deserve such brutality. Police brutality isn't just and people should be awared of their actions. A policeman wearing a badge means that they should enforce the law equally, not by race, religion, or gender. They must be honest, faithful, and truthful while on duty. They must demonstrate wisdom when enforcing laws. If this is all true then why do we have some much problems with police brutality? In 2009, 64% police men that were convicted received prison sentence.

Ways police brutality is wrong because police's intetions are to hurt people, to get aggresion out, or their race. They may not admit it but when you look at the circumstance like Travarious was in, do you really think his intentions are right? Police brutality creates more problems for society like we don't already have enough. Statistics say millions of dollars are spent on police brutality lawsuits.

Police brutality is wrong. The policemen are suppose to protect us. They earned that badge for a reason. They demonstrated the characteristics. They are looked as the good guys, the super heroes, not the bad guys, the villians. Their kids should be able to be say " That's my dad!", not " My dad's in jail for beating someone for the wrong reason." Everyone knows that great power comes with great responsibility.
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