Should IPods Be Allowed In School?

March 3, 2012
By , sammimish, WA
“Schools say that IPods are banned because they can store information which could be used to cheat on tests. Does that not describe paper? Paper can be used to store information yet paper is an essential part of school life” ( IPods should be allowed during school hours because music helps students relax and focus, IPods fill free time and IPods have many tools that are in a common school day.

The music on an IPod helps students relax and focus. To start, “surveys show that athletes and students who do their homework or study work better while listening to music” ( The music blocks out the surrounding noise. To add, many students already listen to their music doing homework ( This lets students to stay concentrated on their work instead of daydreaming. This can be possible at school. To conclude, IPods give students a way to calm down and focus ( The music separates the student from the “world of school” and helps them stay concentrated on their work.

Even if IPods are not allowed in class, they should be allowed during free time. First, instead of talking or fighting students would be listening to music ( This causes the amount of fighting to decrease. The music will calm everybody down. Second, students that use their IPods during class keep from being bored during down time ( The students will not be a distraction to other students. The students will be occupied instead of distracting other people. Third, people that usually get their work done early usually keep other people from getting their work done ( With an IPod, the student can play a game or read a book. This allows the other students to get their work done.

However, teachers and parents will say that students will be using IPods at inappropriate times ( It is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure that the students are well informed when it is the right time to use the IPods. For some people music helps them comprehend what they are learning. The music will help them pay attention.

IPods have many other tools that are used in school. One of the many tools that are available to students is a calculator. A calculator can be used to finish grading papers. It can also be used to finish grading papers quickly or check grades. IPods have book apps. Instead of carrying around bulky books, students can have them on their IPods. Having books on your IPods is a good way for easy access to books without forgetting them at home. Some of the apps are calendars. This will help people that are disorganized be better on getting their assignments turned in on time. In addition, these calendars will replace planners.
To conclude, IPods should be allowed during school hours because music helps students calm down, IPods fill free time and IPods have many tools that are in a common school day. Be the person to take part in schools letting students use IPods during classes. IPods are a powerful tool that will help students in school.

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