Justify Your Truths

February 22, 2012
By sarah0rose BRONZE, Seaford, Delaware
sarah0rose BRONZE, Seaford, Delaware
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Favorite Quote:
"Quoth the Raven 'Nevermore'." -- Edgar Allan Poe

Some people believe that justice is best determined in a court of law, but I argue this principle. In my opinion, justice is the goal in a court of law, it's what you strive to achieve and unearth. Although justice is defined as equity, I think it is more about disclosing the whole truth. The truth should always prevail, as should justice in a court of law or in general social situations. You don't determine the truth, you know it; therefore, how can a court of law determine justice if it is simply the case? The courts are often biased towards which evidence is more compelling even if it isn't innocent. Sometimes justice depends on the prosecution and defense, and sometimes the guilty and the innocent are easily distinguished. In the end, the truth isn't determined or justified 100% of time; sometimes it's just hidden beneath deceit.

The author's comments:
My muse behind this piece was actually sparked from a quote that I read in my English class, ultimately stating that what is just is determined in court. I disagree.
Hopefully, when people read my piece, they will strive to ensure that the truth is told in any given situation they are faced with because the truth is just. I wrote this article to encourage honesty in all ages of people.

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