February 20, 2012
By SungHo Dong BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
SungHo Dong BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
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Bullying is a direct attack on a student’s status, sense of belonging and core identity, and often results in low self-esteem. I’m very passionate about stopping the causes of bullying because I see it happening daily throughout my life. By stopping bullying, our world would be at a better community.
Bullying can lead to deep depression and suicides in teenagers. 33 News Warren School District states Teens who are bullied may feel they need to take drastic measures or react violently, others even consider suicide for some, the effects of bullying last a lifetime. By saying this, students should be aware of the effects caused by other students. This cause is important in many ways because bullying can interfere with school work and can affect your grades.
A lot of the students are afraid to report the bullies because they are afraid they will get bullied. National Institutes of Health Medline states Boys tend to use physical intimidation or threats, regardless of the gender of their victims. Basically Medline is saying that, bullies usually use physical contacts or by holding something against you. This statement is important because it states what bullies do when they want something from you.
American Society Prevent of Cruelty states Bullying can result in reluctance to go to school and truancy, headaches and stomach pains, reduced appetite, shame, anxiety, irritability, aggression and depression. The details of the quote tells us that, Bullying can cause many student’s to feel so uncomfortable to realizing they cannot take it anymore and ends up feeling tough emotions. I feel very tragic about the cruelty of this society of bullies have done in our world. In that said, we should stop the cause of bullying because you can end someones goals and achievements. Think about killing someone caused by your actions of bullying. You will be scarred for life and all you can do is say sorry. We as students should stop bullying and help the students who are being bullied on.

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