Curfew kills

February 20, 2012
By bigben11 BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
bigben11 BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
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Do you have a curfew? Does it stop you? The truth is curfews don't stop kids from being violent and doing whatever they want anyways.
Teenagers in general are going to cause trouble and act out so enforcing the curfew will make teens feel more rebellious and want to break the rules even more. “Such juvenile daytime curfews to combat truancy and crime are drawing protests from groups”(Fuller). setting daytime curfews are going to cause a bigger hassle with having to get more police and more people to be handing out tickets and keeping track of kids at school.
When teenagers hang out with other kids that don’t have curfews they would do what the other kids are doing and probably most likely not follow the curfew they have because their friend or friends don’t have one. “While juveniles account for only 6% of arrests in Dallas, they represent 22% of the 868 people arrested for burglary in 2008, said Lt. Robert Hinton of the Dallas Police Department” (Fuller). In this statement kids don’t get involved in much burglary which would occur during the late hours of the night so the curfew did not affect the kids that were going out and causes trouble anyways.
There are always going to be the kids that don’t let anything stop them from doing what they want even the law so even if there was a curfew it will not do anything to the violence and crime because there will always be those type of kids out there.
In Chicago they lowered the curfew to one hour earlier and they didn’t see a major impact on the crime rate for teens after the curfew but it increased tickets and having kids getting court dates and causing the police officer’s busy writing tickets. “Chicago police issued hundreds more curfew violations this autumn than last year, an increase driven in part by a new law requiring young children to be indoors at an earlier hour.”(Eaton). As a result of changing the curfew it just got more tickets and more Hassel for the city.
A lot of accidents with teens and deaths in car are after hour says on quote. “The US Highway Safety Administration concludes that more teens are killed in car accidents after midnight than at any other time.”(Eaton). When accidents do happen it is after curfew implying that they were out past curfew and probably being reckless anyways. The curfew doesn’t stop a lot of people from doing a lot.
Mayors in a lot of towns have increased the curfew and daytime curfew, they want to stop kids from missing and ditching school. “If the curfew is extended, the police still plan to return truants to schools, but they say the added clout of a fine will help them combat the problem.”(Setting). If kids are missing school they know the consequences of missing school and there grades are probably suffering so giving them a fine is the least of their worries. The towns should lower the amount of absences you can have so kids will think about that before they even decide to leave.

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