Invisible children

February 20, 2012
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Invisible children is helping little kids in Uganda and other parts of Africa because there is a militia that is abducting children and is forcing them to be part of their militia or be killed with their families.
(A reporter quoted that On 11 February 2012, a young girl escaped from LRA and was found off the main road near Nagero, DRC. She had been abducted on 08 February 2012 near Djabir, DRC) “These people came out of nowhere we were just playing in the fields when they ambushed me, tied me up, and dragged me away” (An officer quoted that On 10 February 2012, suspected LRA looted food and medicine from a small health care centre and abducted a man and his wife to act as carriers of the looted goods 55 km east of Dungu, DRC.) (Near Nagero, DRC, 5 presumed LRA abducted a woman cooking sweet potatoes in a field. The woman was forced to show the men the closest home, which was 3 km away, so they could loot food. 2 of her friends reported her abduction on 09 February 2012.) How Invisible Children is helping is by rescuing abducted kids and raising enough money to build protection centers, and schools so they can get an education. A main problem that Invisible Children has is that the protection centers are almost inhabitable because they’re not getting enough resources and nutrients like food and water. Since the centers can only fit so many people it’s starting to get overpopulated and illnesses and disease are spreading through the centers because they’re not getting medicine.

A simple solution would be for anyone to donate a dollar or less Invisible Children would have half a billion dollars and that will help them to give out medicine to the people who have disease and also they can give them more food and water, and help the kids that have been taken from their homes and returned to their families.

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