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February 11, 2012
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Many people have firmly established beliefs about anything and everything from politics and government, to religion, culture and traditions. Odds are, if you were to ask them, they would probably not change their mind about it. One belief that I strongly value is homosexuals rights to marriage and the “rightness” of being gay in society.

I believe that any man, woman, or even transgender person, should be able to love and marry, anyone they please, regardless of their gender. In many communities and states, same-six marriage is frowned upon and in some cases, forbidden. I think this is absolutely terrible. Why should same-sex couples not have the same marital rights as heterosexual couples? Because it is “ungodly”? No. No. The statements made in the bible are frequently misinterpreted to mean God will damn you to hell if you are gay. . . Shockingly, I have heard people say this before, using statements in the bible that are misinterpreted to base their argument on. I am a Christian. I believe in the bible. But people are misinformed upon some touchy issues like gay-marriage and homosexuality in correlation to what the bible “says”.

One reason, and probably the predominant reason I would never change my mind about the morality or “rightness” of gay-marriage is a very simply fact of life. I am gay, and I want to have the same rights to a spouse as any other person out there. I want to reap the same glorious benefits of marriage as straight people. It's no different than letting a black man and a white woman get married. America finally passed this racial obstacle just within the last fifty years! Looking back on it, do we as a nation not feel terrible for excluding African-Americans from even more rights and equality than just the issue of marriage?! It is my hope that one day, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, can get
married without any legal or social hurdles to jump over. I hope same-sex marriage will soon be a common practice in not just the few states that have legalized it, but in America as whole.

Another reason I believe in rights for gays is the “love” factor. I think that any person should be able to love any other person, no matter what the gender circumstances happen to be. What's the point of life... if not to love? I know almost every living person today wants to find that person that makes their world stop... They want to lose themselves in another person...And ultimately, obtain holy matrimony with another human being. They want to put a public label on their love for one another. This includes people who are in love with someone of the same sex. We want to have these things for us too. Everyone deserves to love, and to be loved...

Overall, I agree the legality of gay-marriage is a topic that is controversial...But should it be? The answer is “No. No it shouldn't.” All people are entitled the opportunity to have a marriage... To have a wedding. To have someone...Someone to have, and to hold, for better or for worse...till death do they part...I do, strongly believe this applies to two men or two women in a relationship. Do you?

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