What the World Molds You to Be

February 8, 2012
The world is always going to throw lies at you. That’s what the world is made of, lies. The world is going to bombard you with lies telling you you’re not pretty enough, not thin enough, not good enough, not rich enough, not smart enough, etc. You’re always going to be surrounded by what the world wants to mold you to be. Society wants you to be a certain way, and if you’re different, you don’t belong.
But you know what? It’s not true. What’s so wrong with being unique and doing what makes you comfortable? What’s wrong with being YOU? And no, this is not a cheesy bull crap rant.
For example, what’s wrong with being gay? Gay people love someone. That’s all they do. LOVE SOMEONE. They don’t mess with your life. Being gay doesn’t affect your life. So why do people have to protest and beat up gays?
What’s wrong with wearing clothes that are different? Or having an opinion? What’s wrong with dying you’re hair pink? What wrong with women being in the army? What’s wrong with not following the same flow of lies that everyone is going down? Do what makes you feel good. Do people with pink hair or funky tattoos directly interfere with your life? NO.
Why does society and people think they can tell us what we can and can’t do? Society brain washes us to believe certain things are right and wrong. They make us think that certain races act a certain way. That all women are the same. That all men are the same. We are our own person! Not all women are preppy, vulnerable, dumb blondes (another one, not all blondes are stupid) and play the role of the “damsel in distress”. Some girls can take care of themselves and kick ass, but society tells them that’s not attractive. The world tells women that if you want a guy to love you have to be this skinny and this pretty and a huge doormat. Not all men are buff, hard core, man whores who just want sex. I’m pretty sure they have emotions too. But society tells them it’s wrong to cry or show feelings. Society tells them the only way to get laid is to be a buff, sporty, ass. If a girl likes to dress preppy, or a guy likes to be sporty, that’s fine, as long at it’s what THEY want.
People just have to butt into everyone’s personal lives for NO REASON.
Why does it matter if that kid used to do drugs? Or if that girl used to have an eating disorder? Or if that kid sees a therapist? Of if that kid is Buddhist or Catholic? Or if that person used to self harm themselves? Or that kid has a mental illness? The past is the past, we should not be judged for what we used to be or what we are.
People need to grow the hell up. Let people do what they want. If it doesn’t directly affect you, STAY OUT OF IT. Is it so horrible to see another happy?
Less and less people are happy. Suicide rates jump. Depression rates increase. And you want to know why? People aren’t happy. Want to know why they are unhappy? Because other people make them feel unhappy. Other people/society tells them what they need to be, who they are, and what they are supposed to do. Then, those people are forced to be someone they don’t want to be and become unhappy. Or if they are someone they “shouldn’t” be, they are made fun of and looked down upon. Then guess what? They are unhappy. You know what unhappy people do? Take out their pain on others. They do the same thing those other people did to them. Leading to abusive parents/spouses, uninvolved parents, bullies, rapes, depression, suicide, etc. It’s a never ending chain. It keeps circling and circling until it wipes everyone out.
Now, it’s your own choice to believe what the world hurls at you. It’s hard not to. It’s all around us: T.V. shows, advertisements, models, peers, etc. I’ve personally learned that different isn’t bad, and I don’t give a crap about what the world says. I like to be unique. But… There are plenty of things that world tells me is wrong with me, that I believe. And I myself haven’t got past some things.
The world is going to lie to you. So, what I say is, put on your brave face, stand tall, and say SCREW YOU, and be who you want to be.

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