January 30, 2012
By Anonymous

How great is Facebook really? Why not ask one of the 400 million users? If you do not already have a Facebook account, I recommend you do not get one. Although Facebook might be great for finding old friends, anybody will be able to find you whether you want them to or not.

If you wish to find a job, or a better job, employers check your Facebook page to see your behavior. The same thing goes for if you are already employed.

The real facts people do not know about Facebook are that about 150 thousand people join each day, 50% of users log on each day and 35 million people change their status every day. An average user has 150 friends or more, sends 8 friend requests or more and posts 25 comets or more each month and is a member of 13 groups or more. Not to mention there are over 65 million people who access Facebook on their cell phone. That does not include I pods, I pads, and computers.
Every time you post something about your friends or yourself, such as “Susie is going to Florida for two weeks!”, puts you and your friends in danger. Putting personal information such as first and last names, birthdays, home, cell, and work phone number lead up to the two million identities stolen every year just from Facebook. Also, DO NOT except anybody as your friend you do not know. They are usually competing in a bet… ‘Who can get the most friends?’

Some of the good things about Facebook are that you can find anybody that has a Facebook account. It is an easy way to organize events without calling, texting, and emailing. Kids, teens, and adults can all be friends.

If you are one of those people who have a Facebook account and do not use that often, do not go on Facebook. If you are one of the people who go on Facebook every day or every couple days, use your account reasonably.

Some of the newest features on Facebook are: poke, high five and hug your friends. Facebook also allows you to chat and play games.

There has been talk that Facebook will be getting email. What is the difference from your normal email and your Facebook account? There is no difference. What is the between MSN IM and Facebook? There is no difference. Facebook is nothing but a I.M. sight with games that you will have to pay for in a couple of years. Some of the games are free but you have to pay to unlock levels or buy certain animals to put on your Farmville. There you have it, the truth about Facebook.

The author's comments:
I know why some parents don't let their kids have facebook and I am just trying to express why

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