Jail for Life?

January 31, 2012
By Anonymous

There are some things you just shouldn't play around with. Molestation is one of them. 1 out of every 3 girls are molested as children and 1 out of every 6 boys are molested as children. They even say that it is estimated that over 80,000 children are sexually abused every year., One reason why molestation is such a huge offense is because it ruins the child’s life forever. It can never be changed. They will always remember what happened to them as a child. So why do child molesters just keep on molesting other kids? It's because they don't have enough time in jail. Some of them get out of jail within a couple of years. Others get out in about 25 years, but just keep on going again until they get caught again. They don't care at all. That's why molestation is one of the most rapidly growing crimes in the U.S. I personally think that child molesters should go to jail for life. Not just child molesters, but all sexual abusers.

Any inappropriate sexual activity between a child and adult is child molestation. In every state in the US child molestation is a felony. Which they can be punished by going to prison for 1 to 30 years on the first offense. Although some offenders don't even go to prison. They are still ordered to pay a huge fine, go to therapy, and do community work. Everyone convicted as a sexual abuser has to register themselves in the state sex offender registry. In the sex offender list the highest level offenders may be on the list for life and some are only listed for a limited time. Recently child molesters have been getting less jail time than the people that have been doing pot. They even put kids on the sex offender's list when they shouldn't be. I mean if they raped them then yes, but like if it was a 12 year old and a 15 year old having consensual sex and are charged as sex offenders then what I am saying doesn't apply to them. But, if they really raped them, then yes, they should go to jail. Especially if a 46 year old male raped a 15 year old girl then they should definitely go for Life.

Examples of the sexual abuse I am talking about are first and second degree rape, first and second degree sexual offense, sexual battery, incest, felony indecent exposure, first, second, and third degree sexual exploitation of a minor, prostitution of a minor, child pornography etc.. I think all of these are serious offenses and should not be taken lightly, because sex offenders are four times more likely than people who don't sexually abuse someone to be arrested for another sex crime after they get out of prison. These people are dangers to society, and should not be let out in public. Because when people molest someone, they don't just molest one person at a time they molest over 100 people in their lifetime. They ruin people's lives forever and there is no changing what happened to the child and they will never be able to forget what had happened. So why should we forget what they did to the child or children?

Even if they are sent to prison, statistics say that more than half the sex offenders are sent back to prison within a year, and within 2 years about 80% are sent back to prison. For example out of four thousand, three hundred child molesters that got out of prison in 1994, about one hundred forty-two were sent back to prison within three years. So why don't we just keep them there where they belong. Yes, some offenders never repeat and learn their lesson, but I still think that they should have life in prison, because they ruin someone's life. That's horrible, but people just don't see that. They think it's fine to send them back into a world where they can just hurt people again and again. Most children are so scared about what is happening to them that only 1-10% ever tell anyone. According to yellowdyno.com These offenders don't molest children on lack of judgment, they do it to the point of compulsion. A lot of them plan it all out, knowing exactly what they are going to do. That's scary enough to think about. They even say that a serial killer has the same personality characteristics as a sex offender to children. Which is why I am saying that it's never a spur of a moment decision to do something this bad.

The worst part of it all is that 3 out of 4 of these cases of a child are taking place in the child's home or the offender's home. The molesters can be absolutely anyone, but I found that they were normally abused as children themselves and normally go after children around the same age as they were when they were abused. This is horrible enough to think that something this bad is happening in your own home without the parents knowing. Most of the offender's are a close friend or relative of the family. So, you never really know who could be harming your children. People say that molestation or another form of sexual abuse is avoidable, but in reality it's not. If it was then no one would ever be harmed like this.

There is a law called Civil Commitment which gives every state the option to keep sexual offender's in custody after they have finished their time in prison. They are taken to a high security mental hospital right after their release of prison which keeps the offender's out of society forever. It may not be the best possible law for dealing with sexual offender's, but it is the only thing that we know is 100% effective. So, if they ever do get out of prison they should be put there. So, they say that in 2010 nearly 20 states put this law in action, and there currently is around 4,000 offenders that have been commited in these mental hospitals, but I still think that they should have life in prison and take their punishment for life, because their victims have to suffer for life. We shouldn't let criminals get off as easily as they do. Some offender's don't even go to prison. They just have to have probation and have to pay money to the state. I think they should go to prison anyway and also have to pay their victims thousands of dollars, because of what they did to them. It won't ever take away the scars of the child, but it helps a little.

The victims of sexual abuse have lifetime effects like I said earlier. Such as nightmares, panic attacks, major health problems, therapy, self-esteem problems, fear of self, fear to trust, fear to love, fear in everything really. They can never forget what happened to them. Even at a young age, they can still remember this trauma. It sticks with them for life even though they don't want it to. In www.childmolestationlaws.com they say that in some states the victim is allowed to sue the offender for damages that they have done to them, but I don't think many of them really do it. They will still always fear of that person coming back, because prisons just let them out and go in public and do almost everything they used to do. They can come back and harm the victim again if they choose to. The victim has to suffer even more knowing that the person that ruined their life is going to get out of prison.

Just imagine if your child is sexual abused and then 10 years later the offender is are let out of prison. Wouldn't you fear that they would come back, and harm your child again. No one wants that so why are we acting like we don't care. How come we take all of this so lightly? Not extremely lightly, but it's lighter than it should be. We let them free into this world to where they can harm others if they want to. They can repeat their crimes at anytime. Even if everyone believes that they won't ever repeat the crime they could if they choose to. They could go to therapy for years and their therapists say that they are completely fine and it's highly doubtful that they will ever repeat this crime again. It shows that therapy only helps 15-18%. That's not a lot. That's why no one ever really knows for sure if they will sexual abuse someone again. They can decide to do it again. What will stop them this time?

What if the victim is too afraid to tell and never tells on the offender and they go to another child and that child never tells either. They aren't sent back to prison, because no one tells on them, but if after the offender harms 6 more kids one of them has enough guts to tell then that is 6 lives ruined once again when that offender should have been in prison in the first place. If he was never let out of prison in the first place, then no one else would ever have been harmed.

Once there is one offense, there should never be another. Send them to prison for life. They deserve to suffer like they made their victims suffer. They know what they are doing to that child, but they don't care. They want the pleasure of getting what they want and they'll do anything to get it. They don't care about their victims lives. They just care about what they want.

Some of the offenders are on the sex offenders list for 10 to 30 years, and then taken off. That shouldn't even happen. The public has a right to know who was on the list, so they should never be taken off of it. It gives them the freedom to continue on with their lives and pretend they never did what they did, For example they could get married and have another kid so, that ex-offender could sexually abuse that child. The wife will never even knew he was on the sex offenders list the first time, because he was taken off the list after a certain amount of years have past.

Some of the offender's may plan it that way. They could think that since their off the list no one will ever know what he did so he can do it again pretty easily. He won't care about getting in trouble again. So, that is another reason why they should have life in prison.

As you can see a sexual abuse offender should never be trusted. They can always repeat this horrible crime, and that is why they should have life in prison, and I hope that all of this convinces people that they should think they same way. No offender like this should be given a second chance, because that second chance could be a big mistake, and cause another life to be ruined. They can commit the crime again whenever they want to. So, be careful with what you choose. It may not be a good one?

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