Teen Pregnancy

January 23, 2012
By teenreader101 SILVER, Laurel, Maryland
teenreader101 SILVER, Laurel, Maryland
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Your only young once, so its ok to get wild and crazy right? Wrong! One third of the

female population in the USA gets pregnant before the age of 20. Teen-age pregnancy is

an issue that is increasingly becoming a problem. Teen moms are more likely to drop out

of high school and become a single parent. Are two minutes of sex really worth the risk

of screwing up your future? No one else is going to raise a baby for you, most teen

mothers have to choose between education or financially supporting their child, one

mistake could ruin a promising future for bright student. Not all but most fathers decide

they are not ready to change their life style and they bail out, leaving the mothers alone,

without any encouragement or moral support. So then would you not regret making love

with a person that didn’t love you enough to stick around? Most mothers that give up

their child for adoption after birth are left with empty holes in their hearts. They spend

the rest of their life wondering where their baby is, or if that baby at the grocery store

could have actually been hers. Even going through abortion is a traumatizing experience

for most, knowing they are about to give up an innocent live. Think of the

disappointment and anger that will arouse in your family if you step in one day with this

kind of news. Your parents may never trust you again. As a teen parent you wont have

time to enjoy your youth, you will be forced to become an adult before the time is right.

Think about all this next time your about to have sex….is it really worth it?

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