January 15, 2012
By Bullyingiswrong BRONZE, Coffeyville, Kansas
Bullyingiswrong BRONZE, Coffeyville, Kansas
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How to stop bullying in schools

Bullying is one cause in many schools. There so many ways of bullying like cyberbullying and other kind of bullying. Some kinds of bullying can cause death. Death is serious cause and so is bullying or any kind of bullying so why bully people that is no different than you.

I was watching this movie called Sextexting in sandorvia it was about this girl that sent her boyfriend and this girl named Sydney stole his phone and sent the pic to this girl named Claire and she left her phone in the limo after the dance and the limo driver took it to Sydney's house and her mother sent the pic to everyone that was one her phone then the next day the girl when the girl went to school and everyone started calling her names and making fun of her so much that she killed her self it was a sad movie.

Making fun of someone is wrong. Bullying someone til they kill themselves is wrong why would any one do that to anyone

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watching a movie about bullying

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This article has 3 comments.

on Jan. 31 2012 at 8:30 am
Good story! =)

on Jan. 31 2012 at 8:26 am
Tis storey has a god message, but it iz hrd to follew. I had run on after run own sentenzes, and the last couple (most of the story) was hard to follew. God storie thogh

SallySue23 said...
on Jan. 31 2012 at 8:25 am
Tis is de most werd stry i evr rad.


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