Four Words

January 7, 2012
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Four words was all it took, all it took for his world to start shaking. His body shuddered, his breathing stuttered; his crying was renewed vigorously with the quiet sobs barely affecting his broken stance.
“I’ve stopped eating anymore” was the only thing he said, and even that was whispered. It felt like he had propelled those words from a thousand foot Tall Mountain, into the air where his words disappeared.
No one cared. No one ever cares, and realizing that broke him. It wasn’t this disorder, it wasn’t the judgement or the pain or the heart break; It was the final realization. No one would ever care, because he was deemed unlovable; broken. It was tragic really, even more so after he heaved her body up and wiped his tears and walked away.
He came to school the next day; his normal self with no evidence of how his heart had not only turned to ice, but had been broken by the harsh truth. Secrets do hurt, however the truth can hurt more.

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