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January 5, 2012
By spydamelon BRONZE, Hoffman Est., Illinois
spydamelon BRONZE, Hoffman Est., Illinois
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One serious issue with society today is its complete and total dominance at the hands of its own technology. It’s true; we are slaves to our own devices. At this point in time, many of us do not own technology; it owns us. In our world today, everybody is connected to the digital world in one way or another. We are constantly updating our internet selves on Facebook or Twitter or the next big social networking phenomenon. People are texting in every waking moment. The country has gone into a texting frenzy, texting while walking in crowded places, texting while driving, waking up to vibrations only to reply and fall back to sleep. The amount of technological dependence we have is but another addictive drug in society today.

I have to admit, technology can be incredibly helpful and can greatly simplify life. I know this better than anyone because I am one of the people who take advantage of the benefits of technology. I cannot deny, it has allowed us so much more comfort and convenience in our lives. But where I draw the line is where the convenience becomes a hindrance. I draw the line when Facebook beckons me to stay on longer and I know that it is late and I should sleep. I draw the line when I blow up my text inbox.

Not enough people see that their lives have begun being overtaken by their possessions. Even fewer understand the potential for disaster by relying so heavily on technology. If our habits don’t change and one day something terrible happens like every telecomm tower tumbling down, or an evil guy taking over all our computers, or Mark Zuckerberg accidentally putting Facebook in his recycle bin, the world would simply be plunged into chaos. It might sound crazy but seeing the world and how we act today, it might not be so far fetched.

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