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Are Children Ages 5-10 Too Young for Hi-Tech Technology?

These days, many children have many HI-TECH gadgets such as the iPod’s, cellphones, and other major electronics. Many may be surprised by this fact, but IT IS TRUE!!! Are these children just too young for these gadgets that even most adults don’t have? This is a topic many discuss in the modern day world.

HI-TECH technology can affect a child in many ways. One ways it with the radiation an earpiece can give off which was studied by scientists. The radiations for little children are more harmful to them than to us because the kids are still developing and they are still fragile. Radiation can cause the following: leukemia, brain cancer, skin damage, brain damage, increased blood pressure, salivary gland cancer, DNA damage, psychological problems, and even sleep interference. All have to be AWARE the danger this can cause to the children!!!

Another way HI-TECH technology can affect children is on their level of obedience. When children get expensive gifts, we sometimes see they go mad. They are so happy they don’t care what is told because they already got what they wanted. These expensive gadgets should only be given to those who are ALWAYS obedient even when they got what they want. If children are not obedient on a regular basis, expensive HI-TECH items should not be given to them. That can help children to become even more obedient.

The final way HI-TECH technology can affects children is on their social life. When a child receives something they really love, they become so addicted to it that they don’t even care what happens around them. This also applied to even adults. When we get some very expensive such as an iPod, we listen to music so much, we don’t care what is happening around our environment. The children need to learn from adults that we should social more often than just listening to music. Being social can help without future and it would be much easier for us.

All in all, all parents that read this should take these ideas into deep consideration weather or not to allow their children to use electronics such as cellphones and iPods. We all have to make the right choice because the children’s futures are on the adult’s hand. Do what is right, and make a change in your child’s future.

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