Assisted Suicide is Wrong

December 4, 2011
By Anonymous

Life is precious, everyone needs to treat their body like a temple. Make a mistake and your life could end in a blink of an eye. One second you’re here, next second you’re gone.

No matter how much someone wants to have someone assist their suicide, don’t listen to them. For one thing, you can live through a terminal illness. I can name at least a few stories of people surviving cancer or very serious injuries. Certain people lived through them and ended up happy with their families and living their lives. I am against assisted suicide because it is a very bad situation for everyone.

In the 1900s, there was an atheist doctor named Jack Kevorkian. Kevorkian noted that a blood vessel would show up in someone’s eyes when their heart stopped beating. From this information, he wanted to experiment on prisoners and test it out. He even went to prison for 10 to 15 years for “murdering” (, Jack Kevorkian) a man that couldn’t do it himself. A crazy thing that he did was kill over 120 people in only eight years! The bible says killing someone is only not a sin if it’s at war. Assisting someone dying is not war, so basically, Kevorkian used on of the 10 Commandments over 120 times. However, on June 3rd, 2011 Kevorkian might’ve died from Pulmonary Thrombosis.

A very reasonable defense to my opinion is that not every person that has a terminal illness dies. One woman in her early 20s found out from her doctor that she had only three months to live. But guess what? That woman now has a child. She survived something some people can’t live through. Just imagine if she decided to commit suicide, there would’ve been extra two lost lives in this world. The woman would have died and the child would have never even existed.

Also, you lose control of your life if you decide to. Everyone has the ability to kill themselves. They can have an overdose, hang themselves, and things that I couldn’t imagine. So when you choose to have someone assist your suicide, you’re losing the choice of changing your mind just in case you do want to live. You’re also putting the doctor or the person who is helping you through a traumatizing event that could scar them for life. There once was a man that got sedated, he woke up a few hours later. The suicide attempt didn’t work. He died two weeks later peacefully without assisted suicide.

Finally, assisted suicide does not put a good example for people. About every two hours, one teenager kills themselves caused from depression or a problem in their life. I know that people don’t like feeling pain, I think that’s why people are afraid to die. However, if you can die without pain, a person with a terminal illness would most likely take that chance, many people who don’t have a terminal illness would also take that chance too. If only people could see what legalizing assisted suicide would do to the world. What would it do? It would tell people (especially teenagers) that committing suicide is okay! But, all the people who are in favor for assisted suicide only cares for themselves, for when they need it.

The only exceptional reason why assisted suicide would be okay is that death saves money. That means no more paying for nursery homes, medical care, and medical insurance. If someone dies, hospitals make money off organs from all the dead bodies. Funeral homes would make money from all the deaths. The population of the earth would go down making the economy better. However, it’s mostly the government making money off of the money inheritance. But that doesn’t make me change my mind.

In the end, obviously, legalizing assisted suicide is not the right choice. Not only that people can survive terminal illness so it would be a total complete waste of their lives, but you lose the ability of controlling your life and it’s a bad influence on everyone. If assisted suicide is legalized, people will think that killing themselves isn’t wrong.

The author's comments:
My friend was in love with this girl who killed herself because she found out that she had bone cancer and she didn't want to live anymore

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