Dear world.. ( the way i see society)

November 14, 2011
By Urisan GOLD, Grayson, Georgia
Urisan GOLD, Grayson, Georgia
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"every heart break is another wound, the key is to let it scar.. carry the memory with you dont forget it, it makes you who you are and teaches you how not to treat other people you love.. a scar is proof you healed.. have pride in your scars!!................ " by Dalila Christen Roman

I am writing this to let you know how much you suck!

I am only 20 years old and I've already seen through your lies. You say, " Life is what you make it " but, i don't remember making depression, sickness, sorrow or pain. In fact I don't remember having a choice. You say, " The children are the future", as you silence the voices that can save the nation. You're a hypocrite, both nurturing and destructive by nature. You stand on all the stages of the world and preach that " Love is blind ". Yet, you only love what you can see. You push and pull; and make promises you can't keep. And yet we still bend over backwards to impress you. We follow the latest trends and believe the hate propaganda. We beat ourselves up believing we aren't good enough for your love. We even go as far as spiting on our faith to follow you blindly. See the sickest part is that we know you're lying but, we still give you our hearts. People kill themselves over you, stress over you, cry over you, die over you. Only to find out too late that living was about more then being alive...


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