November 2, 2011
By andy17 BRONZE, Poestenkill, New York
andy17 BRONZE, Poestenkill, New York
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Northeastern Tragedy

Hurricane Irene wiped out nearly the whole north east leaving thousands homeless. Schools were forced to start late because some of them were being used as temporary homes. Something needs to be done.
There are already many people taking action such as R.P.I collage students doing volunteer clean up. Also southern Vermont’s harvest ball raised over $50,000 in relief money for those in need. This puts us in a tough situation because of the financial crisis and now the roads are washed out in need of repair. With winter coming few drivable roads, and people in need of propane and other heating supplies, this makes it very hard for everyone. Anyone any age or size could help pick up debris.Someone lucky enough not to have any physical damage were still effected by this devastation. If that is so, you defiantly have a friend or family who has some kind of damage.Do not hesitate, take action.
Try to put your self in the shoes of a person with a family to feed, and no money or house to live in. with the holidays right around the corner you could make someones life so much easier just by helping. Some organizations you could go to to help out are the American Red Cross, and the American Health Association. For younger people you could suggest doing fundraiser to your principal or other adult.

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